Principal Floor Of A Novecentiste Building

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The building in which the apartment is located is a nineteenth century royal estate, built at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a Noucentiste construction of traditional appearance that maintains all the characteristic features of the time. The building is located between medians and adopts the classic elongated shape of Barcelona's Eixample, which leads to through apartments with direct ventilation through the main façade and the interior facade of the block, and interior patio with lighting and ventilation.

The main façade stands out for the compositional regularity typical of the Noucentiste period. The openings are superimposed in strict vertical alignment, all framed at the edges and culminated at the top with a small molding delimited by the brackets that simulate supporting the upper balconies. These balconies, embedded in the facade itself are topped with wrought iron railings. The interior facade, oriented to the northwest, is also presented with two balconies and an ordered composition of empty and full.

The apartment, located on the principal floor, has an elongated shape and allows the interior layout to be very functional, with access at the central part. This allows us to be perfectly separated the day area of ​​the night area, prioritizing the tranquility of the interior of the block for the rest area and getting a large living room, kitchen dining room that occupies from the access to the floor to the main facade.



OPCIÓN 1 - PRICE: 595.000 € Actual state 
OPCIÓN 2 - PRICE: 745.000 €  Reformed 
Ref. NC548-XG
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